Reflecting the Image of our Creator - Brittany White

July 29, 2018

This week, Brittany White speaks from Colossians 3:1-10 of how we are raised in Christ, not of earthly things. That when we put to death our earthly nature, we put on our new self, made in the image of the creator.


How God uses our past to shape our future

July 22, 2018

Pete Greig says "God sometimes identifies something in our history that He wants to release in your destiny". In week 2 of our new sermon series: Walking the Kingdom Life, Mark and Trudi Sayers speak about how God is at work in His Kingdom and how He is at work in your life. We hear some insights from how God has been doing this in Trudi's life in their recent travels to Ireland.


Walking the Kingdom: Hearing the voice of the King - Mark Sayers

July 15, 2018

Many say they want to encounter the kingdom of God, but find ourselves lost at sea not being able to recognize the voice of God. As we kick-off our new sermon series: Walking the Kingdom Life, Mark takes us through five practical ways of learning to listen to the voice of the King. 


The Presence Paradigm - Mark Sayers

July 8, 2018

Upon his return from Sabbatical, Mark shares at our combined Mid-East and Outer East AM Service. We are at an interesting moment and in many ways 'the church' is up against an insurmountable mountain, where the growth of antagonism towards faith. We increasingly see a world and culture in crisis. However, in this cultural moment, there is an incredible sense of hunger for God's presence growing in people. There is a desire to see God move and for God's presence to do something new.  Mark shares how renewal, revival, and rediscovery comes when we personally encounter the presence of God.


Practicing Sabbath 6:1

July 2, 2018

In the wrap up to our sermon series: The Living Presence, Ryan Wallis speaks about how Sabbath was made for man, not man for Sabbath. That we need to be active in finding rest and when we do this; we hear the unique flavour of God's voice. Ryan shares five ways we can practice Sabbath 6:1. 


God Loves Us. But Does He Like Us? - Bjorn Irani

June 17, 2018

So far in our series on The Living Presence, we've talked a lot about how good it is for us to be in God's presence. This week Bjorn flips things around to ask if it's good for God to be in our presence – we know He loves us, but does He like us?


Jesus – the Living Presence - Brittany White

June 17, 2018

Britt shares two encounters from the Gospel of John to talk about Jesus as the living presence of God. When we encounter Jesus, he always meets us with grace, mercy and an invitation to new perspective and a greater vision – of both ourselves and him.


God’s Glory, Man’s Dignity - Sarah Deutscher

June 10, 2018

Sarah speaks on Psalm 8, encouraging us to notice and receive God's presence in new ways – through children and through work. Even in the midst of a vast and incredibly created universe that declares God's glory, it is humanity that God has chosen to bear His image and thus carry His presence.


Prince. Avenger. Judge. Fugitive - Peter Evans

June 3, 2018

In the space of 12 verses in Exodus, Moses goes from a Prince, to avenger, judge, and finally, a fugitive. His story teaches us that what lies beneath the surface matters, and that it's solitude that God converts us. 



Have you Noticed? - Ryan Wallis

May 27, 2018


This week, our Apprentice Minister Ryan Wallis shares from John 12:15-18. He speaks of how God is not a God of coincidences, that when you pray and things start to happen or change. As the above passage declares, God is for us and Ryan encourages us to be awakened to where God is at work in your lives.