Building the Kingdom through a posture of generosity - Mark Sayers

November 19, 2018

This week Mark unpacks how our world is built on a myth of scarcity. Steven Covey says, "Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the Scarcity Mentality. They see life as having only so much, as though they were only one pie out there".

The Bible, however, says in 2 Corinthians 9 that God is able to bless us abundantly. Mark invites us to take a posture of generosity in all areas of our lives, as a response to the abundant riches we are gifted. These Kingdom riches are to be shared so that others can experience God's inexhaustible abundance.


How God uses tests to set our lives on what is above - Mark Sayers

November 11, 2018

This week Mark highlights that the contemporary culture directs us to avoid trails and tests in our lives. However as James 1: 2-4 teaches us we are to find joy through the perseverance of these trials as it builds and shapes our character to be more like Jesus.


Trust. An old message for a New Day - Sarah Deutscher

October 2, 2018

In this message, Sarah unpacks Proverbs 3:5-8 and shows us how there are two ways to live; depending on God or depending on self. She invites us afresh to trust God, to cry out to Him and to run away from evil.


Courage and Obedience to the Tune of David - Sarah Deutscher

September 23, 2018

In this podcast Sarah takes us through the book of 1 Samuel, inviting us to see life and faith through the lens of David. Whilst this sounds nice and biblical of us, all too often we posture ourselves like Saul living lives shaped by fear. Whilst this is the human default it costs us the new beginnings that God is wanting us to enter. The Church in the west is in a threshold moment and 1 Samuel gives us vital lessons on how to enter and embrace what God is inviting us into.


Contending through Conversations - Ryan Wallis AM

September 16, 2018

This week, as we wrap up our sermon series: New Wine/Contending for Renewal, Ryan speaks about contending through our conversations and how the basis of our conversation with God will lead you to conversations with others.