Living and worshipping in the overlap between heaven and earth - Mark Sayers

February 11, 2019

Unpacking the current disconnect in Western society between the spiritual and physical, Mark reminds us of the message of 1 Peter 2 that we are 'living stones' being built into a 'spiritual house'. As the church and disciples of Jesus, we are invited to be living as a bridge between heaven and earth.


Vision Sunday AM - Ryan Wallis

February 4, 2019

AM service Pastor Ryan unpacks the propensity of the human heart to trust either in our own strength or on the tangible things of this world.

In looking ahead to what God has in store for 2019 - the encouragement is to focus only on God so we can experience a Church marked by followers of Jesus leading flourishing and meaningful lives.


Vision Sunday PM - Brittany White

February 4, 2019
God’s call for this generation to Come Alive! 
Transformed by His love to be a people whose lives paint this city with colour, light, joy & hope, leaving Kingdom trails in their wake. 

God’s imagination is bigger than your imagination - Mark Sayers

January 29, 2019

God saves us to change us. Sweeping us up into his plans to reshape us in Christlikeness. In this teaching Mark, through exploring the life of Moses, shows us how God works in our lives – changing and remaking us.


Entering the Psalms - Brittany White

January 21, 2019

Britt invites us to step into the Psalms, to dwell, seek and find wisdom for faith and life. Reclaiming and reminding us that the prayers, poems and songs found in those pages are designed to be our own as we proclaim God’s Kingdom, here and now, as the people of God have done for generations. 


A Testimony of Joy - Bjorn Irani

January 14, 2019

Bjorn discusses Paul the Apostle’s instructions to be ‘joyful always’ as followers of Jesus, and how this can be a testimony to a western culture that desperately needs joy.


Prepare for Growth - Ryan Wallis

January 7, 2019

Apprentice minister Ryan unpacks what biblical success looks like and how to posture ourselves for God's growth, in our lives, this year.


Advent: A Construction Story - Mark Sayers

December 26, 2018

After reading from Luke 2, Mark explores why the birth of Jesus isn't the end of the story. The Christmas story, he suggests, reveals to us that God is a God of process and each of us, as followers of Christ, are participants in His work of construction.


Advent: Arise, shine - Ryan Wallis

December 17, 2018

Ryan unpacks the Isaiah 60 promise of God that His light will rise over His gathered people, and how we are called to reflect that Glory in both the miraculous and the mundane.


Advent: Returning to King Jesus - Brittany White

December 10, 2018

Brittany explores Isaiah 6 as it reminds us of the call for every generation to return to the King to be awoken to see, hear & understand the hope that He brings.